welcome Elizabeth Kubala offers affordable, sliding-scale counseling, therapy, psychotherapy, somatic therapy, body centered therapy, experiential therapy, AEDP, DEEP, IFS, Internal Family Systems parts work and Hakomi therapy in Austin Texas at an affordable counseling agency. Thanks for visiting my website. If you are reading this, you are most likely seeking a change and wondering if counseling can help. It is my intention with this website to offer hope that it can. I would like to suggest that with the help of a skilled therapist, you can become unstuck, heal wounds, gain access to your own highest wisdom and find your way to a life that is authentic, rich, and meaningful.

A successful therapeutic relationship depends on a good fit between counselor and client. These pages are designed to give you a sense of who I am and what I offer. Please explore what interests you and trust your instincts about whether you want to take the next step with me.

I wish I could show you,
when you are lonely or in darkness,
the astonishing light
of your own being