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M y   A p p r o a c h
I believe there is an innate and powerful drive toward healing and wholeness in each one of us. My job is to create a safe and emotionally engaged space where your healing drive can flourish. We will work together to help you access your inner resources and resilience and to help you feel the full range of emotions that naturally flow through you and lead to healing. By honoring and listening to all the parts of you that show up in the counseling room, we can create the conditions that facilitate change, without having to be pushy or forceful.

Our relationship with each other is of great interest and importance to me. I will do my best to earn your trust by tracking our moment-to-moment interactions and noticing what energizes you, what shuts you down, what leads to misunderstandings and what leads to a deeper connection. I will learn as we go along, making adjustments, checking in often so that together we can create the kind of space that supports you to study yourself, access your vitality, discover your gifts and transform your suffering.
The meeting of two personalities
is like the contact of two chemical substances:
if there is any reaction, both are transformed.
-- Carl Jung
Techniques are secondary to our relationship, but depending on how you best access your inner wisdom, I may incorporate guided meditations, mindfulness practices, parts work, body-awareness, movement, art-making, intellectual exploration, or EMDR into our work together. For a description of some of the techniques I use, click here

You can read a lot more about my philosophy and way of working here.
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