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A b o u t   M e
My background and training is multifaceted. I have worked as a gymnastics teacher, a graphic artist, a writer and a computer programmer. But for most of my life, I have focused on helping people improve their physical health with physical therapy, massage and Shiatsu. My journey toward counseling began when I became clear that healing requires attention to both the body and mind. I still have an interest in helping people access the wisdom of their bodies. I am glad, though, for the opportunity to also explore the wisdom of emotions, dreams, intuition and the intellect.

I graduated from Texas State University in August, 2013 with a masters degree in Professional Counseling. I have completed advanced training in Hakomi a body-centered, mindfulness-based therapy, and DEEP - another experiential approach to therapy grounded in neuroscience and attachment theory (based on AEDP ). I also have some training, a lot of exposure to, and a keen interest in doing parts work using the Internal Family Systems model. In 2014, I completed the first level of training in EMDR and since then I have been integrating this powerful approach to healing trauma into my work.

Recently I have developed a passion for using sand tray therapy with adults as one more way to access parts of the unconscious mind for spiritual and psychological deepening.

Finally, my work is influenced by 60 years of life experience, a long-time meditation practice, infinite curiosity, and continuing study, training and consultation. It is one of the greatest privileges I have to serve people in the role of counselor.
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I believe in kindness.
Also in mischief.
Also in singing.
-Mary Oliver